Oh my fjord! Norway at it’s most spectacular

Norway is blessed with some of the most pristine and remarkable wilderness I have ever seen. The best way to see the best Norway has to offer is to take a boat out onto the fjords. In my opinion, it would be an egregious error if you visited Tromsø and did not explore the arctic fjords.P1000334.jpg

A fjord boat tour had the added appeal of requiring very little walking, for my [very sore] post-marathon knees. P1000320.jpgEven though it was the end of June, it can still get a bit chilly at the 70° parallel. Usefully, the tour has a stack of cozy parkas which allowed us to enjoy the perfect views from the outer deck.


IMG_4002There were moments which felt like we were in an untouched world. We had thought the crew were joking when they said we would have vegetable soup, unless someone caught a fish. However, as the soup was bubbling away on the stove, we were handed fishing poles and within a few minutes, three fish were caught! Including one by a very excited Lisa! IMG_4044

How Norweigan is this photo? Even his sweater is the knit Norweigan flag. JOPH8915Later in the day, after watching eagles swoop in to feed on fish, we watched as a pod of dolphins played around the boat.


FFJV8026Excitement overload. I will just pop a few more pictures for your eyes to snack on because it is truly astonishingly beautiful. 😍 P1000442.jpgP1000437.jpgP1000397.jpgP1000385.jpgP1000358.jpgP1000339.jpgP1000328.jpgP1000326.jpgP1000324.jpgP1000322.jpgIMG_4003IMG_7602

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