HUSKIES?! PUPPIES!?: Fluffy friends in Tromsø

While sled dogs might not be the top of everyone’s mind in the summer, if you are looking for something heartwarming while in Tromsø, a visit to Tromsø Villmarkssenter is the ticket, because YOU GET TO CUDDLE PUPPIES (but I am getting ahead of myself).


Only a short drive from central Tromsø, you will arrive at the scenic family-run dog sledding facility where you get to learn about dog sledding (including watching a very beautiful short documentary  on some of the dog sledders in the Sørensen family racing in Finnmarksløpet, a 1,100km race in Norway). As informative and exciting as this little glimpse into the extreme sport of long-distance dog sledding was, the best part was coming up. 

The chance to meet 300 fluffy dogs! First stop was the puppy enclosure, where we got to meet a range of pups – a few so fresh that their eyes were still closed, and a few older ones who were curious and seemed to really enjoy exploring cameras with their mouths.



Then you get to wander among the dogs. They were amazingly friendly and sweet, some sleeping, some eager to be friends.

IMG_3806IMG_3771IMG_3747IMG_3738IMG_3721To end the day, we got cups of hot chocolate and coffee heated in big kettles on an open fire, whilst sitting on reindeer skins in a cozy wooden cabin. It was a sweet and wonderful day! ❤IMG_0515IMG_0513

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