Lillehammer, Norway

IMG_4366What do you do if you have one day left of vacation, access to a van, and a flight to catch from Oslo? Andrew made a strong case for a visit to Lillehammer. This little city in Norway was made famous by a crime drama “Lilyhammer” which featured (according to the IMDB blurb) a New York mobster who went to hide in Norway after testifying against his former associates.

All I knew of Lillehammer was that it was host to the 1994 Olympics, which I am certain I watched with my cousins, sprawled over the floor of our grandparents house, watching figure skating on the enormous cabinet TV with rapt attention.

Those kennels of knowledge guided our day in the quaint Norwegian town, with our first stop being lunch at Nikkers, a brewpub with some connection to the aforementioned TV show. (Apparently “Johnny/Steven Van Zandt sat there and there is a photo commemorating the moment). P1000494P1000498After a deliciously Norwegian lunch of smoked salmon, we headed off in to the Olympic Park, for some light bobsledding and ski jumping. IMG_7701IMG_4317P1000528.jpgP1000533P1000539P1000540P1000510 Very quickly, it was time for me to catch my train back to Oslo to return to London, but Lisa and Andrew had a few more days of camper van life to continue exploring – check out their adorable “Arctic Camper”! FYUO6886As I left Norway, I was left with this final baffling question. What the lumps is the purpose of this intentionally displayed bag of window water? P1000505

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