Moments in my London

I share a lot about my travels on this site, as I have had the opportunity to visit some truly incredible places in the last few years.

In response to queries about if I like living in London, I find myself often responding that I love that London is such a hub of travel, making it easy to pop over to a new country and an exciting adventure. However, on reflection, it seems problematic when the favourite feature of the place you live is how easy it is to leave.

Thus I figured I was long overdue for a post which celebrates some of the best bits of London life – the moments, people, and places that have filled the last few months with fun.


There are endless opportunities to wander through works of art, fill your ears with wonderful music, and experience all matter of culture.

One of the real delights of London life is being able to attend incredible productions. A recent favourite was “Come from Away,” which is an absolutely charming musical set in Gander Newfoundland. My heart was bursting with Canadian pride at this heartwarming, sweet, funny, and moving story.

There is an endless number of galleries that you can peruse, like the Turner collection at the Tate Britain.


Or you can pass more than one afternoon at the Tate Modern


The Antony Gormley exhibit is also well worth a visit!

If you fancy something a bit more morose, you can spend the day wandering the beautiful old graves in the Highgate Cemetery. 

If you want to do a real-life treasure hunt, you can join the mudlarking society and go hunting for treasures along the Thames! If you are lucky, your dear friend may come up to you with a maniacally-ecstatic look on her face and a handful of old bones.


If you looking for something more virtuous, you can go Park Running, made even better if you do it in a matching outfit to your pal.FXCX0032.JPG

Or you can have an abundantly wonderful day by simply hanging out in Hampstead Heath.

One of the lights of London is this little. She is an absolute delight!

London is also home to this fluffy puppy. Such a lady!

Also, in my most British move to date, I am now a proud member of the Brompton gang. This is my little Brommie-B, who is a charming addition to my 2-wheeled family.


But truly the best part of my London life is having wonderful friends to share it with. 

Pip pip cheerio!





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