Dykxhoorn Darlings in Bradford

In the latest in the series of extraordinary adventures of the #DykxhoornDarlings, we walked through the wardrobe into Narnia.  WNZA5915[1]Alternately known as Lister Park in Bradford.

But before this magical frosty morning, I got to see teacher-extraordinaire Miss Dykxhoorn in her school. This was the first time I have been in a secondary school in 10-15 years, and the buzz of energy, the rush of students, and the whirr of the school was exhausting to observe and filled me with so much respect for teachers who are able to conduct the circus, coral the cats, and teach them a thing or two. Amazing.  IMG_2721[1]While Bradford does struggle, it has also has some great spots.WKUJ2332[1]Andrea also showed me the secret important places – the gas station, which might be the ONLY place in the UK which sells peanut butter M&M’s (although if you have insider information on where else I can procure these, please let me know), before having food and a long-overdue catch up at the Record, undoubtedly the best bar in town.

The next morning, we were up at the crack of dawn (well, 8), but as this is the north that really is when the sun gets up in November, for the Bradford Park Run. YFNP0813[1]After three slow and sweaty laps around Lister Park, we hopped onto the train to head to Leeds. HTAV9520[1]There were a few fabulously Yorkshire moments on our journey. The best being the announcement from the train conductor:

“For your information, there is a little reinactment of Shawn the Sheep: the movie ahead on the tracks. We are just going to be moving slowly to ensure we don’t hit any.”

This interaction of livestock with transportation set off the chatty man in the carriage, who followed his monologue on the stupidity of chickens by the declaration “Anyone can hit two birds with one stone. Heck, I have hit to cows with one car!”

There was brunching, pampering, wandering, glasses shopping, and lipstick purchasing to be done. Our schedule was filled with meandering through the Christmas market, potato pancake and sausage consumption, and beer drinking. It was a perfect day. IMG_2767[1]IMG_2814[1]IMG_E2795[1]IMG_2815[1]Thanks to my best sister-cousin for a wonderful weekend! #DykxhoornDarlings for life!

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