Absorb the magic in the inner circle of Stonehenge

1.5 hours from London is a mystic circle of stones that have baffled and mystified people for centuries. We had visited Stonehenge 2005 as part of our Herstomceux Castle adventures but figured we were due for another visit to “re-charge” at these ancient stones. P1000969In the past 5 years, the stones have been fenced off to protect them from the thousands of annual visitors, and so we opted to book inner circle access.

A typical visit now involves walking the perimeter of the stones, about 50 meters away, but when you get inner circle access, you are brought to the stones before the site opens to the public and you have an hour to wander among the stones with a few others. P1000956Having seen the stones from a distance, I had not anticipated the feeling of absolute wonder and marvel that came over me when entering the inner circle. The scale of the rocks, standing up over the flat fields. P1000946P1000941P1000903P1000897The hour raced by as we watched the sun rise between the stones, did some sun salutations, and sat quietly in meditation. It was a truly magical experience. KRBA5320The “inner circle” experience is nearly £50 and you need to apply for a spot in advance. If you are making the trip to Stonehenge, this experience is absolutely worth it.

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