Dress-up at the round table: Winchester, UK

One of Carrot’s favourite things to do is to go for car rides and bark at people out the window. As a special treat, we rented a car for the weekend to allow her to pursue her passion.IMG_6064.JPGAnd also for us to explore another part of England. Our first stop was Winchester, lured by the legends of a certain table and the associated knights.

We stopped in Winchester, which happens to be a charming town, but also the home of a medieval replica of King Arthur’s table. This table was built in the 13th century, under Henry III. This mammoth tabletop, weighing 1,200 kg, has been mounted on the wall of the Winchester Castle.P1000838An added bonus is that there is a great dress-up box so you can really get in the spirit!  GPWB0115.JPGWe wandered the cute streets and explored a cute church in a nearby town. It was an excellent day out!

P1000803P1000815P1000824P1000881P1000883Carrot was rather pleased with her excursion, feeling like she once again has established her dominion over the bipeds that walk by her royal vehicle.


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