An afternoon by the seaside: Whitstable, UK

Like decades of civilized Londoners, as the mercury rises to an uncomfortable heat, we join our Victorian role models in looking for an escape from the city, retreating to the seaside.

MermaidsAtBrighton.jpgEven though it seems donkey rides on the foreshore and “bathing machines” have fallen out of favour, we grabbed our sunnies, sandals, and puppy and hopped the train to Whitstable. P1010292.JPGIMG_1253An oyster-shell covered beach. Bodes well for the prospect of having delicious oysters later! P1010338.JPGWe were not wrong. The oysters were spectacular! We passed the rest of the day blissfully wandering the shore, taking in the quaint fishermen’s’ cottages and cute vendors selling trinkets and local wares. P1010363.JPGP1010358.JPGIMG_8058A very important stop: the lobster shack for lunch!! P1010336.JPGP1010343.JPGFor about £30 and an hour’s train journey, you can spend have a delicious and beautiful day out! 

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