Wandering through the wilderness: Petra through the back

After spending a glorious evening at the Little Petra Bedouin Camp, we headed back to Petra, this time through the “back” way, following our new guide, Moh.20200223-P1030645

20200224-P1030679While I was mesmerised by Petra, when we had explored the previous day, I was completely captivated by our hike through the desert and rocks to get to the Monastery.20200224-P1030678 Everywhere I swung my camera, there were stunning scenes of red rocks, tenacious desert plants, and occasional groups of goats. 20200224-P103068120200224-P103069020200224-P103070020200224-P103068420200224-P103070320200224-P103068620200224-P103068820200224-P103069120200224-P103069220200224-P103069420200224-P103069520200224-P103069720200224-P103069920200224-P103070420200224-P103070520200224-P103070720200224-P103071920200224-P103072320200224-P103072620200224-P103072820200224-P103073120200224-P103073320200224-P103073820200224-P1030740

After a few hours hours of walking, we stopped on the top of a mountain for a cup of coffee (with all the cardamon!) and a moment to enjoy the view. 20200224-P103074520200224-P1030749The proprietor had a selection of Nabataean and Roman coins. If you are lucky (and paying attention) you can still find these old coins lying on the ground when you walk through Petra. If you are less lucky, you can buy them as souvenirs from many willing vendors. 20200224-P103075920200224-P103075120200224-P103076220200224-P1030774This hike ends at the Monastery, which is another treat! Architecturally similar to the Treasury, but less busy, as access requires a long climb up a steep path.

I was utterly smitten with Petra from the first glimpse, but this hike really cemented it in my heart. It was incredible to experience a small piece of the wilder places in Jordan surrounding the iconic architectural masterpieces of Petra. 

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