Improving public mental health among adults from ethnic minority populations in the UK: New research

For the past two years, I have been the programme manager and senior research fellow on a large programme of research aimed at generating evidence for public mental health. As with many projects, it always takes time before you can see the fruits of all of the work. I am delighted that our first papers are coming out now, with more exciting stuff to follow.

In this paper, we conducted a review of community-based interventions which are designed to improve the mental health of adults from ethnic minority groups.

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Despite clear evidence showing that people from ethnic minority groups tend to experience more mental health problems due to structural and institutional risk factors, we found that there were few interventions which have been designed to improve mental health in this population.

This review highlighted that we need to continue to design and evaluate interventions for ethnic minority populations in order to have the high-quality evidence needed to guide public health practice and policies.

This paper is Open Access, so you can read the full paper here, or download it directly from this link:

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