Conceptual framework for public mental health

For the past 2.5 years, I have been working as a senior post-doctoral researcher and programme manager on the NIHR-funded Public Mental Health Programme. This has been an interesting post, which has allowed me to work on many exciting research projects with wonderful collaborators from across England.

In order to further our knowledge of “what matters” in public mental health, we set out to create a conceptual framework to highlight the broad range of factors which affect mental health across the life course.

After 2 years of reviews, consultation, graphic design, and conversations, we are delighted to launch our conceptual framework!

We have set this site up to allow you to explore framework – each click brings you deeper into the framework and gives you more information about each determinant across individual, family, community, and structural levels.

We also have made a printable version, so you can print and treasure (laminate?!) an overall view of the entire framework.

It was wonderful to work with exceptional graphic designers and artists: Laura Fischer, Bobbie Galvin, and Mylene Petermann, who created the illustrations, and added so much to the framework. (You should check out their other work as they are all so talented!).

I have written a paper that goes through all the steps we went through to develop this framework (which is under review, but I will add the pre-print or published version here soon!)

I would love to hear what you think of the framework!

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