The right chemistry: Ladies crushing it

  If you reach back in the dusty, cobwebbed shelves of your high school science class, you might remember learning about the Cori cycle or the lactic acid cycle, which describes the process of breaking down glucose. What I don’t remember learning when I sat in Mr. Chisolm’s 9th-grade chemistry class was that this fundamental biochemical process … More The right chemistry: Ladies crushing it

Music for coding

The last few days, I have been completely absorbed in puzzling out some code for my analysis. As I work in an open office, I find that the times that I need to dive deep into the world of programming, I require a constant stream of sounds to isolate me from the distracting goings-ons of … More Music for coding

Viral cat video viewing has a moment in the sun!

In an inspired moment of intense procrastination a few years ago, when struggling to write my thesis proposal, I crafted the following fake thesis proposal, to delight my fellow grad students who were similarly miring in the slog. My research objectives included:  To examine the cross­-sectional association between viral cat video viewing and measures of … More Viral cat video viewing has a moment in the sun!