Rocketbook review

While COVID-19 lockdown has re-ignited my enthusiasm for knitting and cross stitch, I have spent much of the last 3 months feeling deeply unmotivated in most other areas of life, including creating any content for this blog. However, as I do like going on about my latest toys, I overcame my reticence in order to … More Rocketbook review

Grizzlies, garbage & glitter: Zero-waste life update

Yes yes, we know. We throw out too much stuff and don’t recycle enough. I know we have heard these messages 10 ways till Sunday, but I still enjoy it when someone presents this information in a clever, compelling way. London recycles released some startling statistics about how much waste is produced in this country’s … More Grizzlies, garbage & glitter: Zero-waste life update

Diving, plastic-free life, and binging on Blue Planet II

I have experienced the confluence of my lifestyle goals (trying to work towards a plastic-free life) has taken on new meaning in the past month. I started diving and fell in love with the ocean. To augment my obsession, Blue Planet II was released, and I have spent hours transfixed by the astonishing and amazing … More Diving, plastic-free life, and binging on Blue Planet II

Minimalist, zero-waste, & plastic-free

My life as of late has been very nomadic, as I have once again moved countries, but this particular move was made me really think about the physical objects I own. Consequently, I have become totally engrossed with the minimalist movement, the zero-waste advocates, and the plastic-free folks.  I realize these are three separate “movements” … More Minimalist, zero-waste, & plastic-free