Back to [grad] school: Gift ideas

Do you have a keen new grad student in your life? Is someone gearing up to start a masters  degree or PhD this fall and you want to find the perfect gift that will help them rock this next phase of life? As someone who has already spent 5 years in grad school, this is … More Back to [grad] school: Gift ideas

Antigua, Guatemala

My besties Lisa & Andrew are currently on a grand traveling adventure (Instagram: AL’s big adventure). When I found out they would be in Guatemala over Christmas and that they booked a cottage on a lake, I immediately started to make plans to be the ultimate third wheel on their romantic vacation. Because I am … More Antigua, Guatemala

Best bits of Budapest

Budapest is really a marbelous place. Feast your eyes on incredible architecture Budapest is a city with a varied and fascinating past, and that is reflected in the buildings. While architectural buffs could tell you much more about all the incredible places you could discover, my favourite was this little gem peeking out of the … More Best bits of Budapest

Fairytale castles and magical mornings

Neuschwanstein Castle It is practically required to head up to see the Disney-inspiring castle when you are in Bavaria.Not only is its physical structure articist, and beautiful, striking in contrast to the harsh rock cliffs, its name is musical – meaning “New Swan Stone” which was taken from one of Wagner’s operas. Built by King Ludwig … More Fairytale castles and magical mornings

80 miles in the Cotswolds: Slow, sweaty, smiling (while sometimes silently swearing)

Sunday morning dawned bright and beautiful, with only a hint of ominous clouds in the distance. Caley is part of the Cowley Road Condors Cycling Club, and she told me they had a “superfun 75ish k ride through the Cotswolds.” “It says it is not going to be hilly” she reassured me. Lies, all lies. … More 80 miles in the Cotswolds: Slow, sweaty, smiling (while sometimes silently swearing)