Bikes & wine: Nice edition

A few years ago, my sister and I had the best day in Argentina, biking between wineries, sampling olive oil and wine. Those blissful moments are still some of the best – the combination of biking with someone you like on a hot, sunny day, stopping to sip some of the best wines of the … More Bikes & wine: Nice edition

3 countries in 1 day? Why naaaht!: France, Monaco, Italy

France We woke up to yet another beautiful morning in France (I am pretty sure that they only have beautiful days in the south of France). After a quick swim and a coffee, we wandered through the winding streets of the old city toward the port. We caught the local bus (bus 100) and headed to … More 3 countries in 1 day? Why naaaht!: France, Monaco, Italy

Oh how Nice!

A few years ago, if you had told me that I would be vacationing in the south of France with a crew of Dykxhoorns, I would have been convinced you were slightly delusional.The marvelous thing about Nice is that you are expected, nay REQUIRED, to relax and transition to a slower, sweeter life. The best … More Oh how Nice!