Lake life: Lake Atitlán

From Antigua, I headed directly to Lake Atitlán and got to re-unite with my friends! Atitlán is “where the rainbow gets its colours” and the vibrant life in and around the lake reflects this name.Lake Atitlán is a volcanic crater, created by volcanic activity 84,000 years ago. This unique lake is basically a bowl of … More Lake life: Lake Atitlán

Grizzlies, garbage & glitter: Zero-waste life update

Yes yes, we know. We throw out too much stuff and don’t recycle enough. I know we have heard these messages 10 ways till Sunday, but I still enjoy it when someone presents this information in a clever, compelling way. London recycles released some startling statistics about how much waste is produced in this country’s … More Grizzlies, garbage & glitter: Zero-waste life update

Diving, plastic-free life, and binging on Blue Planet II

I have experienced the confluence of my lifestyle goals (trying to work towards a plastic-free life) has taken on new meaning in the past month. I started diving and fell in love with the ocean. To augment my obsession, Blue Planet II was released, and I have spent hours transfixed by the astonishing and amazing … More Diving, plastic-free life, and binging on Blue Planet II

Minimalist, zero-waste, & plastic-free

My life as of late has been very nomadic, as I have once again moved countries, but this particular move was made me really think about the physical objects I own. Consequently, I have become totally engrossed with the minimalist movement, the zero-waste advocates, and the plastic-free folks.  I realize these are three separate “movements” … More Minimalist, zero-waste, & plastic-free

Clothes worth loving

Since deciding to strive to be more intentional with my resources, committing to minimizing my consumption and choosing to support companies committed to sustainable and ethical production, I have noticed a big shift in my shopping habits. I can no longer waltz into Forever 21 and grab an assortment of t-shirts and so I have … More Clothes worth loving

Covering my mistakes with a little less waste: White-out wars

I am a paper planner person. I am incredibly persnickety and particular about the planners I use, and I like neurotically like to make them look pretty when I use them. Thus, I have a slight dependence on correction tape for when I inevitably need to re-arrange plans and reschedule meetings. I had not given … More Covering my mistakes with a little less waste: White-out wars