Bikes Bikes Bikes

I spent a large amount of my time looking at, sighing over, and drooling upon bikes on this trip. In fact, the selection of my destinations was based largely on how cycle friendly the city was. For the at least 6 years, I have been following the Copenhagen Cycle Chic blog and various other blogs about … More Bikes Bikes Bikes

Helsinki, Finland

Then next stop on my big European adventure was a short stop in Helsinki, Finland, to visit more of the tall, blonde people, and a land of many trees. I took the ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki. It is a 2 hour trip on a MASSIVE boat (9 floors, a shopping centre, a couple restaurant/cafeterias). … More Helsinki, Finland

Journey to HEL

And I am off! Eurotrip 2014 has officially begun with as much class and grace as I can muster. Meaning, more specifically, I awoke the morning of my trip with the requisite mental blur that accompanies celebrating the marriage (!!) of a lovely friend to her equally terrific partner (read: open bar, Photo Booth, and … More Journey to HEL