Reading my way through the pandemi: 2021 best books

This has not been my most bookish year as I was miring through the fun little pandemi like the rest of the world, but there were a few bright spots and great reads. Best book of 2021: Other 5 star gems: Because who doesn’t want to run away from their problems in a tailored blue … More Reading my way through the pandemi: 2021 best books

Books in other forms

I have talked about this before. Y’all know I am a bookworm. (See The books that made my 2019, 2018 between the covers (of great books), Awesome books for kids, Read good books). Most years, I read between 40-50 books and I get enormous satisfaction writing tiny reviews and tracking the books on Goodreads. I always dreamed of … More Books in other forms

Read good books

I was the biggest bookworm when I was a kid. I remember staying up all night reading, listening for the step on the staircase the creaked to alert me that my parents were coming to check that I was asleep. But I consumed books like air. I wish I had pictures of the old tiny … More Read good books