5 little things I liked this week

I have spend a lot of time at the office this week. For most of the week, I have had code running on two computers while trying to write a book chapter on a third computer. As you might expect, I have done a lot of internet wandering during the week and I thought I … More 5 little things I liked this week

Music for coding

The last few days, I have been completely absorbed in puzzling out some code for my analysis. As I work in an open office, I find that the times that I need to dive deep into the world of programming, I require a constant stream of sounds to isolate me from the distracting goings-ons of … More Music for coding

Music of Tallinn

When I travel, the thing that tends to endure in my brain are the bits of music that flow through the city. The first thing I noticed when I got in the cab with the man who did not speak a word of English was the english disco-pop music on the radio. So today when … More Music of Tallinn