Riding down memory lane: AONB & Herstmonceux Castle

It is the May holiday weekend, so I saddled up my pony and headed south. I had noticed a tantalizing acronym on Google maps “AONB”, which apparently is “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” which seems too tantalizing to resist. It certainly was beautiful, but what I should have known to interpret that as 100% hills. These … More Riding down memory lane: AONB & Herstmonceux Castle

Tiny lovely miracles

This past week has come and gone in a flurry of activity and excitement, with lots of new developments in dorky thesis-related realms and tiny steps forward professionally, but nothing profound or really that interesting for the blogosphere. In lieu of thunderous insights on the nature of mankind or thrilling retellings of bold adventures, I … More Tiny lovely miracles