An afternoon by the seaside: Whitstable, UK

Like decades of civilized Londoners, as the mercury rises to an uncomfortable heat, we join our Victorian role models in looking for an escape from the city, retreating to the seaside. Even though it seems donkey rides on the foreshore and “bathing machines” have fallen out of favour, we grabbed our sunnies, sandals, and puppy … More An afternoon by the seaside: Whitstable, UK

Tromsø, Norway

Our destination on this Norwegian adventure was Tromsø, a little town nestled in the Arctic. A place of midnight sun, and the location of the midnight sun marathon on summer solstice. Apart from running a very long distance, this trip was a treat because Tromsø is a truly charming city.  This striking city is home to … More Tromsø, Norway

Oslo, Norway

We only had a few hours in Oslo, so it seems like the perfect amount of time to go to the Viking museum… and eat a hotdog. We successfully achieved these lofty goals.