HUSKIES?! PUPPIES!?: Fluffy friends in Tromsø

While sled dogs might not be the top of everyone’s mind in the summer, if you are looking for something heartwarming while in Tromsø, a visit to Tromsø Villmarkssenter is the ticket, because YOU GET TO CUDDLE PUPPIES (but I am getting ahead of myself). Only a short drive from central Tromsø, you will arrive … More HUSKIES?! PUPPIES!?: Fluffy friends in Tromsø

Tromsø, Norway

Our destination on this Norwegian adventure was Tromsø, a little town nestled in the Arctic. A place of midnight sun, and the location of the midnight sun marathon on summer solstice. Apart from running a very long distance, this trip was a treat because Tromsø is a truly charming city.  This striking city is home to … More Tromsø, Norway

Oslo, Norway

We only had a few hours in Oslo, so it seems like the perfect amount of time to go to the Viking museum… and eat a hotdog. We successfully achieved these lofty goals.

The magic of Rio

Of all the places I have visited, I was most nervous to visit Rio. Rio has a reputation as a wild city – which can be the most fun but also can skew dangerous in a second. With these cautious ringing in my ears, I arrived in Rio with low expectations. However, this city really … More The magic of Rio

The cutest colonial town: Paraty, Brazil

When someone mentions visiting Brazil, I think most immediately conjure up images of the frenetic, wild, magnificent, spectacular Rio – the  chaos, colour, samba, and spice. However, just a few hours west, there is a charming treasure to explore: Paraty (pronounced para-chee). Paraty is a quiet colonial town, a UNESCO world heritage site which captures … More The cutest colonial town: Paraty, Brazil