Gondola & goodbye

Venice is meant to be seen by the water, and there was no way we could leave this floating island without taking a gondola. This was our gondolier. We floated through the narrow canals as the sun was starting to go down. It was one of the most peaceful feelings – to sit back in a … More Gondola & goodbye

Oh my heart. Venice.

One we settled into our little airbnb apartment, we starting the trip off in the way that would soon be our customary state – being pleasantly but perpetually somewhat lost, but not really minding as there were so many astonishing things to see, no matter which direction we headed in. THE thing to do in … More Oh my heart. Venice.

Falling for Venice

From the moment I arrived on this floating island, I was smitten – the architecture, the car-free streets, the endless tiny streets to wander. There is romance and poetry embedded in every bridge and brick of Venice. I was almost immediately swooning for this magical place. I had not, however, expected to be literally swept … More Falling for Venice