What impacts public mental health? A conceptual framework

Originally posted on MIST Psychiatric Epidemiology:
For the past 2.5 years, I have been working as a senior post-doctoral researcher and programme manager on the NIHR-funded Public Mental Health Programme. This has been an interesting post, which has allowed me to work on many exciting research projects with wonderful collaborators from across England. In order…

Old things in a beautiful place: Paphos, Cyprus

After a very low-key rainy Christmas season in London hiding from Omicron and hanging with Carrot on the couch, I needed to get away! Anywhere! My priorities were to find an excellent wifi connection in a place that might have a glimmer of sun without breaking the bank. Paphos, Cyprus emerged as the perfect destination. … More Old things in a beautiful place: Paphos, Cyprus

Can your neighbourhood shape your mental health? New research

I have moved a lot over the past 15 years. I have moved houses, moved cities, moved countries and continents. Each place I have lived has very different vibes – from the rural home I spent my formative years with vegetable gardens and chickens to the Toronto loft in the junction. It is likely that … More Can your neighbourhood shape your mental health? New research

5-star non-fiction

I love a good memoir and can’t resist the non-fiction section to learn all sorts of wonderful things. I will add more recommendations as I come across non-fic gems! *I do get a tiny affiliate bonus if you buy from any of these links, but how else am I to feed my book addiction?

5-star fiction

You know I love a good book, so I thought I would make a post where I share some of my favourites linked to non-amazon book sites so you can grab yourself a great read and support independent book sellers! I will update this page when I find another winner. Happy reading! *I do get … More 5-star fiction