Altitude specialization: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Guatemala isn’t the first place that springs to mind when thinking of Central American diving destinations (probably Belize’s Blue Hole tops that list), however, there is a pretty unique diving experience in the middle of Guatemala.Lake Atitlán is a freshwater lake made from a collapsed volcanic crater, flanked by three volcanoes (including Volcán San Pedro). … More Altitude specialization: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala

My besties Lisa & Andrew are currently on a grand traveling adventure (Instagram: AL’s big adventure). When I found out they would be in Guatemala over Christmas and that they booked a cottage on a lake, I immediately started to make plans to be the ultimate third wheel on their romantic vacation. Because I am … More Antigua, Guatemala

Drift diving and dancing with a turtle: Rawa Island, Malaysia

Diving in Malaysia was the first time “out of the nest” – the dive crew and environment that I had grown so fond of at Diver’s Den and on the Great Barrier Reef during my open water course and live-aboard time. I knew from that experience that I had fallen hard for diving, so knowing … More Drift diving and dancing with a turtle: Rawa Island, Malaysia