Altitude specialization: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Guatemala isn’t the first place that springs to mind when thinking of Central American diving destinations (probably Belize’s Blue Hole tops that list), however, there is a pretty unique diving experience in the middle of Guatemala.Lake Atitlán is a freshwater lake made from a collapsed volcanic crater, flanked by three volcanoes (including Volcán San Pedro). … More Altitude specialization: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala

My besties Lisa & Andrew are currently on a grand traveling adventure (Instagram: AL’s big adventure). When I found out they would be in Guatemala over Christmas and that they booked a cottage on a lake, I immediately started to make plans to be the ultimate third wheel on their romantic vacation. Because I am … More Antigua, Guatemala

Drift diving and dancing with a turtle: Rawa Island, Malaysia

Diving in Malaysia was the first time “out of the nest” – the dive crew and environment that I had grown so fond of at Diver’s Den and on the Great Barrier Reef during my open water course and live-aboard time. I knew from that experience that I had fallen hard for diving, so knowing … More Drift diving and dancing with a turtle: Rawa Island, Malaysia

Singapore by night

I was taken by what Singapore had to offer during the day, but in my opinion, Singapore is a city that sparkles when the sun goes down. The SuperGrove of trees, part of the Gardens by the Bay are one of the most iconic sight in Singapore, and these high-tech “trees” are best enjoyed at … More Singapore by night