5-star non-fiction

I love a good memoir and can’t resist the non-fiction section to learn all sorts of wonderful things. I will add more recommendations as I come across non-fic gems! *I do get a tiny affiliate bonus if you buy from any of these links, but how else am I to feed my book addiction?

5-star fiction

You know I love a good book, so I thought I would make a post where I share some of my favourites linked to non-amazon book sites so you can grab yourself a great read and support independent book sellers! I will update this page when I find another winner. Happy reading! *I do get … More 5-star fiction

What to do with mountains of journals? Minimalist hoarder conundrums

I have been a dedicated yet deeply inconsistent journaller for my entire life. From about the age of 9, I have harboured a romantic vision of becoming a writer and have spent many hours in my bedroom filling notebooks of pre-teen angst and thoughts. I have not shaken this habit, and over the past (ahem) … More What to do with mountains of journals? Minimalist hoarder conundrums

Books in other forms

I have talked about this before. Y’all know I am a bookworm. (See The books that made my 2019, 2018 between the covers (of great books), Awesome books for kids, Read good books). Most years, I read between 40-50 books and I get enormous satisfaction writing tiny reviews and tracking the books on Goodreads. I always dreamed of … More Books in other forms

Drinking water woes: A classic travel conundrum

Staying hydrated while travelling is a constant battle, particularly when you are not sure of the local water quality. The oft-mentioned rule of thumb is that you can drink the tap water in “developed” countries, but not in “developing” countries, however, there are many regions where it is still not a good idea to drink … More Drinking water woes: A classic travel conundrum