About a year ago, I started looking into conferences that would be appropriate for my thesis research and I came across ESSSB. It sounded excellent and so I decided to head to the Baltic region for the very first time. But when I decided to go, many of my friends seemed baffled at my choice. They would … More Estonia

Reflections on ESSSB15

Wow, am I knackered!! This past week has been inspiring, intense, and exhausting. I had the opportunity to go attend the European Symposium on Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour this past week in Tallinn, Estonia. While I can (and will) wax poetic about how beautiful the city, how excellent the food, and how interesting the travel experience, … More Reflections on ESSSB15

Night bike in Tallinn

I got a wee bit lost the other day, but it meant I walked around the Old City after dark, and it was beautiful. I will share more pictures later, but, as I love bicycles the most, I thought I would share this one. Tere õhtust.

Music of Tallinn

When I travel, the thing that tends to endure in my brain are the bits of music that flow through the city. The first thing I noticed when I got in the cab with the man who did not speak a word of English was the english disco-pop music on the radio. So today when … More Music of Tallinn