Puffin paradise: Sæheimar Aquarium

After a long and exhausting ferry kerfuffle (see travel note below), Emma and I landed on Heimaey Island, the largest of the Vestmannaeyjar islands and the home of several thousand people and Iceland’s largest puffin colony.We knew the local celebrity puffin, Tóti, lived at the Sæheimar Aquarium, so it was our first stop. For Emma, it was love at … More Puffin paradise: Sæheimar Aquarium

Antigua, Guatemala

My besties Lisa & Andrew are currently on a grand traveling adventure (Instagram: AL’s big adventure). When I found out they would be in Guatemala over Christmas and that they booked a cottage on a lake, I immediately started to make plans to be the ultimate third wheel on their romantic vacation. Because I am … More Antigua, Guatemala

Singapore by day

I landed in Singapore on a steamy hot day in late-October. I (unfortunately) didn’t take full advantage of the legendary airport, but I was excited to see what this city had to offer. It was immediately obvious that Singapore was an interesting mix of cultures – Asian with a distinctly European feel, reflecting a long … More Singapore by day

Cairns, Australia: The gateway to the Great Barrier Reef

I arrived in Cairns in order to do my open water diving certification and spent several days bookending that wandering Cairns. Cairns is a pretty small city with a well-developed tourist strip along the waterfront and what seems to be pretty desolate sprawl beyond that area. It was hawt hawt hawt! The priority of my … More Cairns, Australia: The gateway to the Great Barrier Reef