Reading my way through the pandemi: 2021 best books

This has not been my most bookish year as I was miring through the fun little pandemi like the rest of the world, but there were a few bright spots and great reads. Best book of 2021: Other 5 star gems: Because who doesn’t want to run away from their problems in a tailored blue … More Reading my way through the pandemi: 2021 best books

5-star non-fiction

I love a good memoir and can’t resist the non-fiction section to learn all sorts of wonderful things. I will add more recommendations as I come across non-fic gems! *I do get a tiny affiliate bonus if you buy from any of these links, but how else am I to feed my book addiction?

5-star fiction

You know I love a good book, so I thought I would make a post where I share some of my favourites linked to non-amazon book sites so you can grab yourself a great read and support independent book sellers! I will update this page when I find another winner. Happy reading! *I do get … More 5-star fiction

Books in other forms

I have talked about this before. Y’all know I am a bookworm. (See The books that made my 2019, 2018 between the covers (of great books), Awesome books for kids, Read good books). Most years, I read between 40-50 books and I get enormous satisfaction writing tiny reviews and tracking the books on Goodreads. I always dreamed of … More Books in other forms

Pippi Longstocking

Freedom call and Pippi runs The girl who never heard she couldn’t do something Watch out world cuz here she comes And she bound to teach you more than one thing   Pippi Longsticking is coming into your town  The one no one can keep down, no no no no The one who’s fun to be … More Pippi Longstocking