Old things in a beautiful place: Paphos, Cyprus

After a very low-key rainy Christmas season in London hiding from Omicron and hanging with Carrot on the couch, I needed to get away! Anywhere! My priorities were to find an excellent wifi connection in a place that might have a glimmer of sun without breaking the bank. Paphos, Cyprus emerged as the perfect destination. … More Old things in a beautiful place: Paphos, Cyprus

Tromsø, Norway

Our destination on this Norwegian adventure was Tromsø, a little town nestled in the Arctic. A place of midnight sun, and the location of the midnight sun marathon on summer solstice. Apart from running a very long distance, this trip was a treat because Tromsø is a truly charming city.  This striking city is home to … More Tromsø, Norway

Oslo, Norway

We only had a few hours in Oslo, so it seems like the perfect amount of time to go to the Viking museum… and eat a hotdog. We successfully achieved these lofty goals.