Confidence is living a life you are proud of

I was watching Lena Dunham’s advice videos that are promoting her new book Not That Kind of Girl. While all of them are charming, insightful, and  earnest, one of the segments particularly resonated with me. She was talking about body image and confidence, and how confidence has nothing to do with the number on the … More Confidence is living a life you are proud of


Yes Copenhagen. Be still my beating heart. Where to even begin with Copenhagen? It was absolute bliss and I have been struggling to condense my immense love for this city into one blog post. I have been to a lot of cool and interesting places in my life, but never before have I had the … More Copenhagen

Not-so-humble brag: Doing researchy things moderately well

The last couple of weeks have been action-packed and, for the first time ever, I have started to feel kinda OK from a research perspective. This has been such a welcome change from the norm, as I spent approximately 99% of the past year second-guessing my research and generally feeling stupid. (Andy Dwyer) But in … More Not-so-humble brag: Doing researchy things moderately well

Den lille havfrue (The little mermaid)

The little mermaid is a major landmark in Copenhagen, attracting thousands of visitors a year. H.C. Andersen’s little mermaid is said to “embody the spirit of the city.” It is much maligned for being much smaller than people expect and the statue has undergone her fair share of decapitations, demonstrations, and vandalism incidents. All those … More Den lille havfrue (The little mermaid)

Standing still

It might be a little bit strange to write this post on a train, following an action-packed three weeks of planes, buses, trains, and airports, but it is something that I have spent a lot of time reflecting on the idea of standing still. I have been able to fly around to some of the … More Standing still

Bikes Bikes Bikes

I spent a large amount of my time looking at, sighing over, and drooling upon bikes on this trip. In fact, the selection of my destinations was based largely on how cycle friendly the city was. For the at least 6 years, I have been following the Copenhagen Cycle Chic blog and various other blogs about … More Bikes Bikes Bikes

Helsinki, Finland

Then next stop on my big European adventure was a short stop in Helsinki, Finland, to visit more of the tall, blonde people, and a land of many trees. I took the ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki. It is a 2 hour trip on a MASSIVE boat (9 floors, a shopping centre, a couple restaurant/cafeterias). … More Helsinki, Finland

Travelling solo

Synonyms for solo (adj): Alone, companionless, unaccompanied, unaided. That certainly paints a dreary lonesome picture. Other than my recent bike journey, I had never travelled solo before, and to be honest, I was not very excited to do it. While I have always loved travelling, having someone with you along the way is tremendously comforting and … More Travelling solo