Confidence is living a life you are proud of

I was watching Lena Dunham’s advice videos that are promoting her new book Not That Kind of Girl. While all of them are charming, insightful, and  earnest, one of the segments particularly resonated with me. She was talking about body image and confidence, and how confidence has nothing to do with the number on the scale or the size of jeans you can squeeze your buns into,

Confidence is about living a life you are proud of. 

So what are the things I admire? What are the components of a life to be proud of?

I have ALWAYS admired people who wake up in the morning and do a work out. I also have a great deal of respect for those who actively commute, no matter what the weather, for those who buy local produce and cook beautiful nutritious meals, and those who are aware of what impact the products they use on a daily basis have on the world. In general, I have tremendous respect and admiration for those who treat themselves, others, and the world with kindness.

And really, there is no reason I cannot be the person I admire. I am capable of making the choices that support what I believe and take the time to treat my body with care and love.

So does anyone want to join me as I run, bike, shop, cook, knit, dance, floss, prancercise, craft, and sleep my way to being the best version of myself?

Tiny lovely observations:

A few points from outside the mean of daily life; a sparkle that darts out of the standard deviation and dares to make life a tiny bit more beautiful. 

Here is a short and sweet list of things to love by the wonderful Dallas Clayton:
things to love

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