HUSKIES?! PUPPIES!?: Fluffy friends in Tromsø

While sled dogs might not be the top of everyone’s mind in the summer, if you are looking for something heartwarming while in Tromsø, a visit to Tromsø Villmarkssenter is the ticket, because YOU GET TO CUDDLE PUPPIES (but I am getting ahead of myself). Only a short drive from central Tromsø, you will arrive … More HUSKIES?! PUPPIES!?: Fluffy friends in Tromsø

Tromsø, Norway

Our destination on this Norwegian adventure was Tromsø, a little town nestled in the Arctic. A place of midnight sun, and the location of the midnight sun marathon on summer solstice. Apart from running a very long distance, this trip was a treat because Tromsø is a truly charming city.  This striking city is home to … More Tromsø, Norway

Oslo, Norway

We only had a few hours in Oslo, so it seems like the perfect amount of time to go to the Viking museum… and eat a hotdog. We successfully achieved these lofty goals.

The prettiest little town of all: Eidfjord, Norway

After 5 days in Bergen, I boarded a train and public bus to sample the fjordian landscapes that Norway is famous for. Eidfjord is nestled beside the Hardangerfjord, built into the mountains. The town is tiny, but the real charms lie in the magestic nature – the vast, dramatic mountains cradling a sliver of blue-green-turquois-charcoal … More The prettiest little town of all: Eidfjord, Norway