Tromsø, Norway

Our destination on this Norwegian adventure was Tromsø, a little town nestled in the Arctic. A place of midnight sun, and the location of the midnight sun marathon on summer solstice. Apart from running a very long distance, this trip was a treat because Tromsø is a truly charming city.  P1000484.jpgThis striking city is home to the Arctic Cathedral, a unique architectural gem. P1000469.jpgP1000464.jpgI was expecting the midnight sun to have an eerie quality, but it was as though it was 2pm all day and night. P1000305.jpgP1000296.jpgP1000293.jpgP1000287.jpgP1000279.jpgP1000277.jpgP1000272.jpgP1000250.jpgP1000233.jpgP1000222.jpg

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