5 +1 travel heros: A few “must haves” for travel

It’s been a while since I have shared a “my favourite things” post (like my top 5 travel luxuries), so as I sit in Gatwick waiting for my lightly-delayed flight, I figured I would share a few of the items that made their way into my bag when I am out and about.

1. Bamboo spork. This little gem has become a regular resident of my purse in every day life and is the perfect spork for travel. Lightweight, tiny, adorable. What more could you ask?


2. Clear plastic pouch for boarding pass etc. Nearly every shop seems to carry passport holders, but by far, the best travel case I have owned was this FREE zippered plastic envelope that was the packaging for a pair of blue light glasses I purchased. The clear window means you can scan your boarding pass without faff, and it is big enough for my passport, immunisation record, and residency card.


3. Collapsible coffee cup. A lot of cafe’s don’t serve coffee in china cups in the airport, as they assume you are likely to need to race for your flight, so bringing your own is the best option. However, when space is a premium, the Stojo silicone cup is a great option! IMG_8162

4. Packing cubes. I have gotten into the packing cube game as they help me maintain the illusion of organisation for a moment or two, and allow me to shoehorn a few extra bits of clothes into the tiny Ryanair carry-on allowance. I nabbed this set of compression cubes, because they were millennial pink, and that seemed to be adequate justification.

91QfL52iAXL.jpg 5. Trilogy everything balm. 

This is the best multi-tasker for combating dry skin, chapped lips, or cuticles that are craving moisture in transit. In addition to working great, you can feel good about it’s natural and organic ingredients.715+YZJUPcL._SL1500_

BONUS! While the Adventure Book may not make it on the journey, it is a really great way to remember your amazing adventures!  IMG_8098IMG_8097

Happy travels! Now I better catch my flight!

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