A little peak into Bergen


I will be presenting at a conference which I am very excited for, but also thrilled to take this opportunity to see a bit of Bergen (and hopefully other bits of Norway) in the process. Because I am very sleepy, I will share these photos with very little commentary.

This is the cobble-stone road outside our Airbnb. Lovely, right? DSC_1139

Customary delicious food shot:DSC_1144

Then Kiyuri and I started up Mont Fløyen, which boasts of spectacular views all along the way. DSC_1175 DSC_1178DSC_1155

The ocean air was so fresh and clean and the forest was spectacular. DSC_1168DSC_1166

The woods also happen to be filled with trolls, witches, and various other creatures. I think they pop out of the mossy lumps, and in these little rocky holes.


International epilove!IMG_0084IMG_0095

We then wandered part of historic Bergen – the “architecturally unique” old Hanseatic wharf (which happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and well-worth the title as it is so cool!).


My favourite roof! DSC_1239


More bits to come!


2 thoughts on “A little peak into Bergen

  1. Well Norway doesn’t look too bad…. LOL. It looks super nice! Befriend a troll or two.

    Also, those look like foxglove flowers, so you probably shouldn’t eat them…. DANGER!


    1. Hmmm. First of all, I did befriend a troll (I will send you a pic of us hanging out). Also, those flowers do look delicious, so I am glad you warned me 😛


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