Re-blog: How to make a bivy

If you have been following my Pedalling for Mental Health adventures or if you saw the Wild in my Garden post, you will know that my amazing older sis made me a bivy sack! It is really the most marvelous thing and I got a bunch of requests for more info on how one might make such a creation. Well, the master herself has shared her secrets. Check it out here Make a Bivy — Wonderful Wanderings

If you are looking to get into the wonderful (and somewhat addictive) world of ‘make your own gear’ (MYOG), a bivy is a great place to start. People will be impressed, and you can adapt it to suit you. Plus the tarp/bivy combo is an excellent light way to camp.

via Make a Bivy — Wonderful Wanderings

3 thoughts on “Re-blog: How to make a bivy

    1. It is a great thing to add to the to-do list, but you can definitely micro adventure without one! If you think the weather is going to be good, you can even just take a sleeping bag to a hill and sleep under the stars! No fancy equipment necessary!


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