I have a new [research] site

As you know, I am an epidemiologist and researcher at UCL, and from time-to-time I share updates of my research on this blog.

I have been meaning to make a separate research-focused site for ages, but it has been on the furthest back burner. However, when I found out that you can build a website entirely in R, I figured it was the best opportunity to “two-birds-one-stone” to improve my R coding skills and have a website at the end of it.

Introducing https://www.mentalhealthepi.com/!

It is still a work-in-progress, but I am excited to have a dedicated home for me to share my research and I will be [eventually] migrating some of my epi content to this new site. This will also allow me to focus lovelyoutliers.com on travel, diving, and other fun adventures!


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