4 more sleeps – officially getting giddy!!

Is there any better feeling than anticipating an awesome adventure?

You know the feeling – the one where your body is full of tingly champagne-bubbles of excitement,  a giddy-wanna-run-around-giggling-all-day type of happy that only comes when you are anticipating a grand adventure?

This bike trip, that my bestie Lisa and I have been passively planning for the past year, is so close that it is agonizing to sit in my cubicle and do “productive work things.”

I say “passively planning” because until this morning, there were several rather important details that we had not sorted yet – including when we would start, where we will bike, and how long we will be gone for. This last-minute frenzy has added a maniacal edge to my excitement.

30 Rock

So here it is, hot off the presses, our planned route:

New ImageIsn’t it glorious?!

My sister has wisely advised us to carry a back-up map, as my less-than-excellent cartographic renderings have had us running around lost in the suburbs of Owen Sound in the past…

We are going to be able to take advantage of the Route Verte in Quebec, including the excellent Le P’tit Train du Nord route.

This is gonna be awesome!!!

Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Excuse me while I go find a revolving door to run around in for a while.

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